3 Step's to Marketing (Basics)

There are many ways where you can grow your business - just by following a couple of steps. Although traditional methods such as print ads and direct marketing have been successful, modern techniques such as web-based advertising and social media have been influential - driving sales and creating successful campaigns. Each of these methods has its own benefits. For example, Facebook can express your emotion and thoughts (e.g. I like ice cream), Instagram you can showcase the item, Youtube can show a clip using the item or its benefits. It may seem that all social networks are required, but it is not necessary for the business to be on all social media networks. It's important to understand your target market so you are in the relevant spaces.

It is vital to follow critical steps to create successful integrated marketing campaigns on these social media tools available to maintain business success.

3 Steps To Success

Step 1: Identify your target audience: A clear understanding of your target market, what motivates them, and their daily activities allows you to understand how to communicate to your audience and where to communicate to them.

Step 2: Understand what platforms they use: After understanding your target audience, you will know whether they are on Facebook, Instagram, or prefer to receive things via the newspaper. Understanding how they will reach you is essential; not all platforms are helpful for your consumers.

Step 3: Your visual identity needs to be consistent: Having common graphics, colours and fonts allow your company to have a consistent image; this appeals to consumers as they understand who you are.

The 3 steps above are what can create a flow in the business. Keep in mind it is also essential to use the three C's created by Dr Luke Greenacre. These comprise Communication, Compelling and Consistent. To communicate requires clarity, avoiding jargon or confusing words. To be Compelling requires you to stay on topic and keep updated on trends and seasons. To be consistent, it is essential to have your visual identity flowing in all aspects, including in-store, mobile and any other channels you wish to use.

When creating a message to reach your audience, making a memorable and exciting message is essential. That doesn't mean you have to make radical changes but can be as simple as creating campaigns based on real-life experiences.

Want to know more about the basics see the below video:

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