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How To Keep Your Customer's Engaged Online

In a growing digital world, businesses are utilising social media to engage with their consumers and continually create personalised experiences in hope to reach their current and potential customers.

Customer engagement involves creating relevant, convenient, responsive, and consistent material to connect with current and potential customers. As you attempt to engage customers, there are many tools you can take advantage of to engage your customers continually. Whether it's mobile, social, web or in-store multiple channels are helpful for engagement purposes. For example, a promotion when passing a store, mobile alerts when there is a sale.

As consumers have increased use of social media - marketers invest in technology and participate in activities such as discussion boards in response to their customers. Although a consistent presence online is helpful for growth, it is essential to understand the target audience and stay relevant to them. This means staying in touch with the consumer and understanding their needs and wants. Depending on the persona of the target group, you will be readjusting as required. With the use of Data Analytics tools, we can sift through what is practical, relevant, and what needs to change to adapt with our consumers continually.

An alternative method to continuously engage with consumers is by creating an emotional bond with the current and prospective consumers. Emotional bonding refers to making a connection through heartfelt, compelling, realistic content—for example, a card with an emotionally message for Christmas, thanking them for their support throughout the year.

Although the above is useful, providing personal experiences is one way to grab someone emotionally. For example, when entering a perfume store such as Myers, they provide test smells and assist in showcasing you a scent you like; they attempt to see what would personally suit you. It's the experience that you remember and what spreads around to families, friends and even possibly onto social media. Consumers are looking for companies to support and inform them of relevant information. Similar to a B2B world, as Wittenstein states, "B2B clients notice and appreciate the slightest time and money-saving improvements".

Customer engagement is much more than a technique on reaching customers; it's a journey with the consumer; it's about creating a long term, consistent brand, making sure that it is useful for the current and potential customers.

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